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Greek Goddess

written by Amber June 24, 2017
Being the suckers for renovation we are,  my husband and myself are (on to number five) looking to breath a new life into a small simple shack we bought on Waiheke and this mega Mykonos baben interior has me completely weak at the knees.
As I mentioned, our space is a super small one bedroom but it faces rolling vineyards so I was inspired to do a white Tuscan vibe, but now after seeing this, perhaps it’s more Greek i’m after. They do have some styling elements that cross over, curved edges, natural and neutral tones, raw materials etc so i’m happy to ‘attempt’ to blend the two.. (is that allowed?)
We have a really limited budget so who knows what we will end up with but this will be definitely on my mood board and in my dreams
Also, if anyone knows where to get a square mosquito net structure like theirs, let me know!
Amber xx
Photography Credit: Lambs and Lions

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