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Kitchen Game Changers

written by Amber January 16, 2020

These three kitchen superstars have personally been tried and tested, they will not only take your hosting to the next level but they will also change your everyday life!


Not just a game-changer. This one is a life changer 

Drinking more water, yeah I know, that resolution lasts for about 3 hours until the idea slips away like yesterdays dream. But don’t lose faith, the fantasy of your future self drinking your optimal daily requirements need not be lost!! I’ve experienced and seen it with my own eyes, having chilled & chilled sparkling water on-call (also boiling but we will get to that soon) means both my husband (notoriously partial to sweet fizzy drinks) and myself are constantly inspired to drink more water. It’s sitting right there, on your kitchen bench, at just the touch of a button! Honestly, it’s completely altered our behaviour!

We had the Spring NeoTap installed at the start of summer and I’m still waxing lyrical at how good it is. I basically want to call someone everytime I use it!

There are a few different options to choose from, as I mentioned before, we went for the Spring Neo tap that includes boiling water. So goodbye kettle, hello clear bench space, instant teas / hot drinks,  boiling water for cooking. It would also be amazing for new mums. I mean, it’s instant boiling water.. there’s no more pausing your favourite show while the kettle boils, or those moments when you start the kettle only to return to a cold jug 30mins later after you’ve remembered. (this happened more to me than I care to admitt). It’s simply just one button away.

The Neo tap sits clean and simply next to your main tap awaiting it’s next instruction. I must also note that the install was really fast and easy. Well, I didn’t do a darn thing so it was VERY easy for me. The lovely crew from Spring came in the morning and in a few hours, it was all done.

All the fizz with ZERO fuss.

Spring Water Solutions  has also offered an epic discount!

Check them out here



Now, this is something I’m working towards getting back in my life. We put one of these bad boys in our renovation a few years back, and I can confirm, it is a game-changer! We ended up selling that house, so I desperately had to stub out my urges to sneak it out the back door. I actually still miss it! Haha, yes, that’s right, I miss a fridge.. a fridge draw to be exact. Fisher & Paykel, if you are reading this, call me!

In all seriousness the reason this ‘Cool Draw’ still plays on my mind, it made for the perfect overflow or if I’m completely honest, booze fridge. You know when you have people over.. and if it’s BYO BBQ time, they naturally need to put their drinks somewhere. Now look, I don’t know about you but my fridge is not usually the most orderly place. It’s actually quite embarrassing so to have a ‘mutual territory’ like the cool draw meant my frantic fridge secrets could stay that way. Alas now we are back to sans cool draw so when mates come over, the wine and beer bottles have gone back to being slotted in any crevasse they can squeeze into. Also meaning I have to weather those painful moments my dear friends try to pretend they haven’t noticed my fridge is a mess.  What can I say, it’s a ‘work on’.


But wait, there’s more. The cool draw can actually transform to whatever you need it to be!

Impressive right!

Checkout the dirct link below for specification etc



For someone like me, who is a real homebody, this beautiful bench worthy machine means I can treat myself to a blissful coffee moment at the push of a button. It’s a tiny cafe that sits politely on my bench, no car parking, no paying and at this cafe, pants are optional. HOW can you beat that!

This piece of magic offers a whole range of coffee, including settings so you can alter your coffee temperature or milk texture to just the way you love it, making this my third kitchen game-changer.

So whether you are whipping up a Nespresso for your friends or for yourself, I’ve found the Creatista doesn’t just make coffee, it makes moments.

Check the link out here to learn more


And of course, be sure to recycle. I visited the Eco plant where Nespresso is recycled a few months back. If you are reading this and missed all the action on my IG account ( @Amber_Peebles ) basically a machine blasts the pod, separating the aluminium from the coffee grind. The aluminium can be recycled literally forever so that gets sent away to be reused and the coffee grind is very valuable worm feed. 

So simply purchase the recycling bags online and once full ,drop the pre-paid bag into an NZ post shop (or any one of their drop zones)

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