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written by Amber October 1, 2018
Some of you may know we have been deep in the renovation process for our place we bought in Mt Albert last year. It’s often a slow and fustrating process but it’s all honesty worth it at the end. I’m such a home body and creating spaces to entertain or relax is one of the rewards.
I like to think I balance style, form, function and fun into my interiors.  I’m hugely into warm chestnut, caramels, golds and neutral tones, with lots of white. Splashes of black also help to tie everything together.
I couldn’t have been more excited to collaborate with King Living on my lounge, I have loved their quality and style for a long time and been itching to finish off this space.
Our living room is the first thing you see when you walk in to our home so I knew I wanted it be be crisp and clean but still warm and inviting. After visiting the KL showroom (3 or 4 times, suffering from spolit for choice sydrome), I finally narrowed in on exactly what I wanted, tones, textures, the lot. I was in interiors heaven.
I chose the Jasper for it’s epic modular system. Literally ALL the pieces are moveable. The wooden side arms are interchangeable and collapsable meaning you have options upon options to play with. Also having mini side tables attached to your sofa is incredibly useful, you know, when you’re all cuddled up, in a perfectly warm and cozy spot but the moment strikes when you have to reach for your drink. That is now a MAJOR inconvenience I can avoid.  Plus, I love that the added shelving is a bit of unexpected flavour.
I’ve lived with it for a few months now, and it’s the best sofa I’ve ever owned hands down.
  My King Living Picks
Jasper Sofa  /  Crescent Coffee Table  /  Cassia Daybed  


  • Make room by room mood boards, whether they are cut outs from magazines (old school, good for you) or online. It will help you steer away from buying things, just because they are on sale or an impulse purchase.


  • Be sure to hunt for bargains and save where you can, specifically so you can spend on quality products that will last the test of time.


  • If you’re not sure on where to place something, try a few options and take photos. This helps you take a step back and see the room through fresh eyes

It's in the Details

It’s only been a few months but I’ve been incredibly impressed with the level of quality and service from King. Even the moving company that did the setup,  two lovely chaps that unpacked, installed, then separated the plastic from the cardboard and took it all back to the depot. I thought that was a nice touch and shows their attention to detail.
This was such an exciting process for me, I’m now eyeing up other rooms in the house for a makeover.
Watch this space
Amber  xx

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