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Renovation Project: Bathrooms

written by Amber August 13, 2019


a Trade Depot collab

It’s true, renovations are hard work, but the toughest part is pushing ‘go’. We lived in this villa for four years, and for four years I visualised, dreamt and mentally moved around walls. Together with my husband Brooke, we must have gone through four or five designs, and all of them involved this bedroom turning into a bathroom so I was incredibly excited to get started.

*For those wincing at the thought of us getting rid of a bedroom (obvs bedroom numbers can really impact the value of a house). We made space for an extra bedroom courtesy of our quirky villa having a quirky seperate dining room.. which I had turned into a wardrobe (see here) when we lived there.. but ‘apparently’ it makes more sense as a bedroom, lol.


Lets get back on track.. I used this broom A LOT

Once our wish list was set we hit up the all mighty, Trade Depot. If you’ve been following my IG stories you will have heard me raving about this awesome kiwi owned company.  I discovered Trade Depot about a year ago and once through the doors, I was bouncing around like Homer Simpson in Chocolate Land. Their range is outstanding, you are spoilt for choice with style, quality and affordability coming together. They have EVERYTHING.

We went through the isles ticking things off the list, making sure to also remember the ‘supporting roles’ i.e. extractor fans, robe hooks, toilet roll holders etc . We also had Jason, who is a bit of a style super star at Trade Depot, helping us out (and focusing my attention ‘Oooh shiny things’)

A little bit excited about getting these goodies home and unpacked!

I wanted to use the same tiling throughout both bathrooms, our ensuite, which I’ll get to shortly and the main shower seen below.

We also had an idea to customise the Trade Depot double vanity with the tiles (also from Tade Depot) to tie it all together. I’d personally never seen or noticed if a vanity had been tiled before, so it was a bit of a hit and hope moment.

Success!! Absolutely stoked with how it came together. It’s often the little things that add to the feeling of a considered and well thought out space I.e. the heated towel rail with no external wiring, the in-wall toilet (which is great for simplicity and space) as well as, the silverware all speaking the same language with matching form.

We also wanted to use feature products that were intersting but not competing for attention, we kept the bath and shower seperate so you are never really looking at both of them at once.

Here’s a handy list of everything we used in this Bathroom reno

Up until I discovered Trade Depot, I really struggled to find cool, modern pieces that were at a price point I was keen on. So it really has been a game changer discovering their treasure trove.

Trade Depot have a huge warehouse in both Auckland and Christchurch, just rock on up and have a nosey. The staff are also really friendly and patient.


This pearl wasn’t initially in any of those ‘designs’ I spoke of earlier. It was a parting comment a friend made and we jumped on it. I actually loved the challenge of a small space. I’d done a small bathroom before (see here) really enjoyed the challenge of fitting everything in, without losing the feeling of luxury and space.

I learnt the hard way on another renovation, that if you want an in-wall toilet, inverted shelving (aka niche), or a built in mirror, you must let your builder know straight away as they need to adjust studs. But if you get in quick, it’s a huge space saver and 100% elevates the area, I think in most part because it feels thought of.

Once again we filled this space with gems from Trade Depot, the vanity was a favourite I’d used before. It’s a great size, with soft closing drawers and it sits off the floor giving again, that feeling of space. I wanted to keep it really simple with just the essentials and plenty of storage. Really pleased with the end result.

Again, here’s a list of everything we used in the Ensuite.

Or head to tradedepot.co.nz  and as always, let me know if you have any questions

Amber    xx

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