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Interior Tips That Will Help Sell The Dream

written by Amber August 22, 2019

In Collaboration with DMI HomeStaging

If you’ve been following my journey via Instagram, you will be aware of my enthusiastic DIY life. I honestly enjoy rolling my sleeves up and getting grubby, using power tools, lifting things and surrendering my manicure all in the name of renovation. Often referred to as ‘the DIY bug’, it’s simply taking something and making it more beautiful.
Every other renovation (this was number six) was designed with ourselves in mind. This was the first time I had come at a project needing it to appeal to a broad market for selling.
We had lived in the house for four years in it’s former incarnation, so I had the big plans mentally sketched but when deciding on carpet, light fittings, tiles, countertops, handles etc I was really just trying to create an appealing frame for which someone could add their life to.
The goal ‘interesting but neutral’,  ‘simple but also special’.
There were plenty of 16hr days that almost broke me towards the finish line, but the day the furnishings went in, well my heart could have burst out of my chest with pride, excitement, relief.. watching  it come together, even better than I’d hopped, I couldn’t pin that to one emotion.
Interiors are what gives a house its pulse, its personality. It makes a world of difference seeing each room, corner and space dressed with pieces almost made for it. We had used DMI Homestaging before, and their style, attention to detail and coveted pieces of furniture brought elegance and openness. They are a treasure trove of style tips and industry tricks having been in the industry for 22years so get your note pad and pen out my friends.

If you are thinking of selling a home, here are some quick tips direct from an experienced interior decorator from DMI Homestaging, to help inspire that dream buyer

Tip 1

– Always ensure easy flow through your home. If you have lots of people coming through there needs to be good flow and no clutter so people don’t trip over things and can get to feature windows or balconies easily. If you have outweighed bedrooms to living rooms, ensure the living room is set up in a way to show you can comfortably have a large household of people congregate in that one room.

Tip 2

– Unplug TVs on walls if they don’t have hidden cables and are exposed. They look terrible in photos and messy in open homes. You can plug them back in when it’s not photo or open home time. Hide cords from computers and phones. Make sure it’s all really neat and tidy.

Tip 3

– Art can bring a room to life. Mobile Art has a vast range and a trained eye, adding just the right piece to the space. As mentioned above, TV’s can look messy, so a piece of art is the perfect answer. Mobile Art is exactly that, Mobile, they deliver, instal and offer a range of services.


Tip 4

-A large bed can make a small room feel bigger. If you can use a double bed, then do this over a single bed. It shows the space off better and will be helpful for the agent to say it’s a double room as single rooms are less appealing
Also, put rugs under beds on wooden or tiled floors, especially in winter. It warms up a bedroom and makes it feel cosy.

Tip 5

– Use fresh herbs and crisp green apples or pears to add freshness and a pop of colour in kitchens
And make sure the kitchen smells nice and fresh too.

So you can get a feel for the amazing transformation, I’ve added a few ‘before’ shots below. We worked so hard at getting the renovation exactly how we wanted, but it was the DMI creative team made it bloom.

They are a super friendly bunch of talented people, so I highly recommend reaching out if you are thinking of selling or looking for an interior decorating consultation.


Good luck!!!

Amber  x

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