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Into the Blue with the World’s Best Pools

written by Amber September 18, 2017

There are a many reasons why we travel; the allure of shopping abroad, the smell and taste of exotic food, wine and of course some hard earned, sun soaked relaxation. For me I’m currently craving exactly that. Even just writing the word ‘Poolside’ gets me excited, today as we slowly creep out of winter I’m sporting the fluffiest socks I own, and they’re pulled up over my jeans, yes I know, it’s not my best look but I’m seriously so over being cold. I want summer and warm toes right now and if she won’t come to me, then I will go to her, so who’s with me!?

A perfect pool is the jewel in the crown of any resort or destination and luckily I’ve been fortunate enough to visit some absolute pearlers, places I would return to in a heartbeat, so to inspire your next getaway I’ve pulled together my top hit list of poolside perfection, some I’ve sampled and others I’ve screen saved.

Palazzo Avino

Palazzo Sasso, now Palazzo Avino on the Amalfi Coast  oozes old-school movie star glamour. We visited on our honeymoon about 8 years ago, I think we only stayed one night, maybe two because it was rather expensy but it was enough to soak up some of its magic. Rich with history and opulence this is a place I would adore to visit again. The town of Ravello sits proudly above the Amalfi Coast, the gardens are something to behold, and there’s a restaurant called Mama’s, that everyone seems to know. Mama comes to your table and in a beautiful Italian mama knows best way, she orders for you, often completely off the menu. And hey, why not, you are in her ‘house’ with her rules.. it’s amazing.


Ravello has a host of stunning accommodation throughout the hillside with breathtaking views, I would suggest looking for a hotel that also has a clubhouse down by the waters edge. Pallazo Avino has a three tiered prime position about 5-minutes drive from the hotel so they taxi people back and forwards throughout the day. The first tier hosts a woodfire pizza restaurant from memory, the second a plunge pool and third a sunbathers delight right on the water.

Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore is listed in almost every ‘most epic’ swimming pool must try list, and my husband was just there earlier this month! FOMO!!!!  As much as this is not exactly the quiet sun soaked experience I was initially thinking of, I threw that idea out the window once I’d googled this. My husband tried to explain that he was in a Ship Bar, I did not expect to see the 8th wonder of the world, jeeze! So needless to say, I’m trying to turn him back around so I can have a turn !
Ph: As Her World Turns
Como Shambhala Estate, known as one of the top spa destinations in Asia, has accolades for its mouth-watering menu and a spot on both the 50 All-Time Favourite Hotels by The Telegraph Newspaper & Conde Nests Traveller Readers’ Awards. I think it’s fair to say this is a bucket list moment.
It’s nestled into a Balinese forest, offering everything from peaceful serine meditation to adrenaline experiences that rejuvenate the scenes. The perfect sanctuary to sink into and re set.
The Hanging Gardens of Bali must make up a large percentage of Pinterest. Their perfectly poised infinity pools that disappear into the forested canyon just north of Ubud is almost too good to be true. One of the more pricey places to stay in Bali, I’ve heard it it is incredibly romantic and I’m sure once Brooke had completed his duty of ‘Husbands of Instagram’ (insert evil laugh) we would have an amazing time bobbing about in the pools, eating and plant gazing. (I’m married to quite possibly the biggest plant nerd 🙂

I like to think of our Naka Island Phuket visit as fate. Whilst trying to board a flight to explore Bali for the first time, we received a firm palm to the face as one of the surrounding Volcano’s was erupting and there was too much ash in the air to fly. As luck would have it, Thailand was one of the desinations offered by the airline in renumeration. Yes, thank you. We happily jetted off to Phuket and found the incredible Naka Island about 30mins from the airport. As a Starwood Luxury Collection Resort & Spa it has everything you could possibly need. The all villa resort never felt too busy, I think largely because every villa was fitted out with it’s own private pool making it very hard to leave.


Borrow the resorts complimentary push bikes and follow the track to the beach. It’s not super easy to find, I admittedly almost gave up in the heat but we found it and it was a private perfect paradise. Smooth white sand, clear calm water.. you get the picture.  Oh another tip, at about 3pm they have complimentary coconut ice cream by the main pool which was beyond heavenly on a hot day

Ph: Bas Meelker
The natural pools of Porto Moniz in Portugal, once formed by volcanic rock, and now filled with naturally flowing crystal clear seawater. It’s a fascinating site isn’t it? A balance of man and nature, covering 3800m2 they offer a kiddies pool as well as disabled access. It’s the perfect day at the beach sans the sand! I simply had to include this on my list, as far as natural sea salt pools go, this has to one of the world’s most impressive.

With so many pretty ‘things’ on the social media conveyer belt, saving is certainly not an easy task. But I must say, travel is never ever something I’ve regretted splurging on. It’s like the ultimate ‘investment piece’, it never goes out of fashion and you carry it with you for the rest of your life.

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