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Destination: Road Trip

written by Amber February 1, 2018

With the hustle and stress of Christmas, the mad scramble to make sure you’re in the best possible spot to welcome in the impending New Year, followed by the mild panic that sets in when you have one week of holidays left, means the summer break seems to melt away faster than a few fresh cubes in a glass of Rosé on the back porch.

Luckily for us Kiwi folk, we have a scattering of long weekends to ease back into the year.

After I was schooled on some incredible New Zealand hot spots by a couple of American mates, who were literally here for 10 days, I’m now on a mission to spend the rest of the summer exploring our fine land!  With the added bonus of scoring Airpoints! Say Waah!?  This summer I’ll be filling up the tank with my trusty American Express Airpoints Platinum Card, it’s simply the fastest way to earn Airpoints and the fastest double thumbs up from me!

Starting with

The Lost Spring in Whitianga

A beautiful natural spring day spa, set in the Coromandel against tropical and native bush with poolside cocktails. How have I not heard of this! I need to get here yesterday!

Roberton Island

Until a week ago, I’d never heard of Roberton Island. This incredible looking spot is a ferry ride from either Russell or Paihia. You can also heli over if that’s in your budget. Bear in mind there are no public facilities over there so pack a day bag and remember to leave behind only your footprints .

Matapouri Mermaid Pool

There may be a slight theme here with my choices, but who doesn’t love a rock pool! In fact, I’m a bit late on the Matapouri Mermaid Pool visit, I’m starting to feeling like i’m the only one who hasn’t been. I’ve been told to get here early if you want any kind of privacy. By 11am it’s no doubt heaving with tourists and Instagram photo shoots.

Whangapoua Beach

This Coromandel Peninsula paradise has made quite the footprint on my heart. With a peaceful warm estuary, perfect families and fussy Maltese x Toy Poodles named Coco Bear that would rather not deal with the surf. However if you are keen for some waves, it provides some sweet body surfing action just around the other side.  Plus New Chums, voted as one of the world’s top 10 beaches is a quick walk around the rocks. We went there last year mid-summer and with not a soul in sight it was bliss.

Road Ready Checklist

Before you head off on your local tourist adventure, make sure you are road ready with this quick checklist.

  • Water & Oil check for the car
  • Air pressure on the wheels ( the correct amount will help save petrol and give you better control)
  • Portable / Car Phone Charger
  • A map, yes a ‘paper’ map, just in case your phone goes out of coverage
  • Snacks!


As I mentioned above, by stocking up on those travel essentials with your Amex Airpoints Platinum Card, you are on the fastest route to making your next trip…in the sky!

With one airpoint earned for every $59 spent, it is the fastest Airpoints Dollar ™ earning Platinum credit card in NZ! So grab your weekend bag, fuel up the car and get going.

Click here for more information on the American Express Airpoints Platinum Card

And if you have tips on the South Island, let me know!

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