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5 Reasons you need to be at this years Clicquot Gala

written by Amber July 3, 2018

It’s almost that time of year again people!

Clicquot Gala 2017

Clicquot in the Snow is an event that long captured my imagination and last year I had the chance to experience it all with a bunch of amazing humans. (pictured above at last years event doing my best to not look tidley) 

Loved this night!!  Check out our clip 


Don’t get FOMO!
Book your tickets before they sell out because this year the Clicquot Gala promises to be even better.
Embracing a Colourama theme to honour the iconic Madame Clicquot for creating the worlds first blended Rosé Champagne 200 years ago. I mean, if that’s not worth celebrating, I don’t know what is.
Madame Clicquot always said, “our wines must be flattering on both the palate and on the eye” so with a tip of the hat to her love of colour, the Clicquot Colourama Gala promises to be full of ‘Cliquot moments’. Honestly, the excitement is REAL!
Who really needs more of an excuse to get down to Queenstown. We had an absolute ball of a time last year (this year I’ve promised my self,  I’m going to attempt to Ski, so there’s some added entertainment for you)
Just to recap, the top  reasons you need to come are as follows
1. Veuve Cliquot is delicious
2. It’s the 200th Anniversary of an incredible woman and a world first
3. That world first is Rose Champagne
4. It’s in MagicTown.. but we let the Queen have it. Seriously though, we don’t spend enough time in Queenstown!
5. You can laugh at my attempt to ski.. that’s if I make it off the chairlift
So get your cocktail winter chic on and come and have a flute.. or 4. Link below 🙂

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