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R.S.V.P YES! Prepped, primed, powered & party-ready

written by Amber November 9, 2017

‘Tis the season for social engagements. Summer has officially kicked off and along with the silly season that often means last minute invites. 

The following blog may not exactly be a magic wand, but does have some great tips to help you build a secret kit in order to be prepped, primed, powered and party-ready (with the right plastic) so you can always RSVP: Yes!


*The Brain

We are all stretched for time, but I think it’s important to prioritise reading. Remaining curious and expanding our knowledge helps build rich conversation, we all know that polite chit-chat gets old pretty fast. If you’re a dedicated reader already, great. If like, me you struggle to put aside that ‘sit down’ time then get your self on an app like Audible. You can listen to insightful books whilst multitasking, i.e. getting ready!

Each to their own, but here are three books I’m reading at the moment…

  • *The Hair

    Ok let’s get into this. You don’t need a lot of tools but you do need good quality ones. 

    For me, Hot Rollers are my best friend. As soon as I get home, I hit the switch and get those puppies warming up. Be sure to spray your hair with a heat protection mist and when the rollers are ready, throw them in. Don’t be fussy about sectioning etc, just make sure the ends are in nicely and you will be fine. Let your hair loose about 15 mins before you are set to leave. Don’t touch the curls. Let them cool down (5mins) while they dangle around your face like a Cabbage Patch Doll. This will help them last longer, once cooled you may brush/style/spray however you fancy.

Find a set with assorted sizes for more natural looking curls. These are from Harvey Norman. Click image for link
  • *The Skin

    When you need to get fabulous quick, there’s often no time to start from scratch. So (while the rollers are heating) I’ll spray on a quick dose of Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Miracle Hydrating Mist, which provides the skin with some moisture and a sense of freshness before you start your make up.


  • *The Tools

    Without turning this into a Makeup tutorial there are a few things you should have in your arsenal and makeup brushes are one of them. If you get quality brushes, they will last you forever! (I haven’t tested ‘forever’ out yet, but some of mine are older than Kendal Jenner). 

    You’ll need a brush for




    -Eye Shadow 1x Small for under eye & 1x large for blending around your eye socket

    -& also an angled Brow Brush. 

    This is a great basic set to start with. Farmers, Smith & Caughey’s or Ballantynes are all great places to chat with beauty experts across different brands.

  • *The Makeup

    Go for a tried and tested makeup look. One you 100% know you can achieve and feel great with. In other words, now is NOT the time to try a new blue eyeshadow or an oversized eyeliner flick. Trust me, one mistake here, and you can kiss goodbye the next 10minutes 


  • *The Energy

    This is a personal preference, a quick shot of Nespresso is always my friend! My go to is the  Dulsao blend with a dash of coconut milk. It gives me a pep in my step and power in my tower! (insert strong arm emoji)


  • *The Gift

    A great tip is always having some cards and pre-wrapped gender / age-neutral gifts ready so you don’t get caught short. Often people won’t remember what you spoke about but they will remember how they felt around you, this small gift can show appreciation and help spread those warm fuzzy’s. A few favourite fail proof options, an Ecoya Candle, Champagne or a Cake in a Box ! 

A good Champagne is the perfect celebration gift for anyone over 18.

Party Ready

  • *The Outfit


    You don’t need a wardrobe full of new threads, but I would suggest grabbing a few pieces that speak to the fresh season trends. I always like to have a couple of dresses and tops on hand. Ideally, you want these to be versatile so you can enjoy wearing them all summer long.

    Superette is full of well-curated fashion if you’re in a rush a but I also love Witchery and Country Road for a mix of easy to wear options.

  • All of the above stores have a ‘Spend $50 and get $20 back’ up to three times, when you spend on an American Express card until the end of November. 

    That means you can get up to $60 back just for getting Prepped & Primed for the party season. There are also sixty participating stores to pick from. Heaven!

    American Express is always working hard to bring great membership perks like this, so I highly suggest jumping on board and start enjoying the rewards.

    Click here to find out more about American Express

    Amber  x


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