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Clicquot In The Snow: A Visual Diary

written by Amber September 13, 2018

Once a year, Veuve Clicquot sets up home in Queenstown and it is one of the most magical experiences. It is a sensory extravaganza not to be missed so I thought I would round up my four favourite moments and walk you through what is a pretty epic visual diary thanks to the talented Jono Parker on the lens.


Kicking off the long weekend in style, we set off for a stroll in the snow with the help of some trusty snowshoes and our keen senses. Let loose in the Snowy Southern Alpes we managed to hunt out a cabin filled with Champagne!!

Bare Grills would have been proud.

If I knew there were Winter cabins bubbling with Champagne around the slopes, I would have taken up skiing a long time ago!

This Experience, held in the Wanaka Snow Farm was a new offering this year and was available for the month of August! ..is your 2019 diary out yet?

This was about the moment I decided to blow off my ski lesson and stick with the Champagne.

Who could blame me, really though..


A jewel in the Clicquot in the Snow Crown! Every year the KW show is sold out and every year it is an absolute blast. With a mammoth display of new season shoes to get the heart pounding to what is possibly the best party playlist EVER, you are a shoo-in for a great night.


With the talented Josh Emitt at the helm, it’s no surprise the Clicquot Rata Long Lunch is one of the hottest tickets of the weekend. Each dish thoughtfully and delicately prepared, Josh has a way of setting a relaxed tone, making the four-course degustation seem easy and unfussy while he talks you through each meal.
This all makes for an atmosphere that is both chilled out and bubbly, much like the paired Veuve Clicquot on offer!
A very strong thumbs up from me, you need to book this one in advance.


This year the Clicquot Gala was themed ‘Colourama’, not surprisingly I took that flag and ran with it. Spot the pink ladies! The events team behind the whole weekend always make sure there are little surprises along the way and somewhere in between a wall of hands handing out Clicquot and some great NZ musicians lined up, we boogied long into the night.. or at least until my pink fluffy heels told me to retire home.
So much fun!
Clicquot in the Snow makes for an unforgettable life experience, so my advice, make sure to keep an eye out next winter and book it in the diary!

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