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DIY Mission: Dream Wardrobe

written by Amber June 28, 2016





They say you only wear 30% of your wardrobe but I blame that mostly on the wardrobe itself. If you can’t see it chances are you are not going to wear it, so with my fist in the air I say “Break the cycle and build yourself a kickass walk-in”. That was my angle anyway and after 7 years of marriage, my husband knows, happy wife, happy life .

However, to really get it across the line I needed to make sure ‘project walk-in’ wasn’t going to break the bank so after a swirl on the google machine I was excited to find CabJaks.co.nz , a NZ owned manufacturer that enables you to design and build a custom wardrobe for a fraction of the cost, seriously. Now imagine Charly and his Golden Ticket.. I was very excited.

The team at CabJaks were absolutely lovely to deal with and went out of their way to turn our order around in a few days so we had it before the long weekend. Everything comes flat packed and is easily assembled.. however they have great online videos to guide you through.


In the design process I made a conscious effort to have as much hanging space and open shelves as I could, it’s a great way to showcase off your clothing and it keeps the cost down.


It was important to me to include a makeup station in the design so we measured up the middle section of what is a very large window (and what threatened to be waisted space) and ordered a mirror to fit perfectly within the frame. It was a rather genius move as all that natural light is a god send when doing makeup.


It’s just a small thing but it was important to my obsessive self to have everything white. So I sprayed the poles and the fixtures to get my matchy matchy on




Possibly a little over eager to move in but how good does it look. See what I mean about the white poles?


Happiness is ..   (FYI the shoe that’s missing is getting fixed #OCDfail)



Part of really getting that showroom feel is having the right coathangers. The all white option instantly lifts the room and streamlines the clothing. This is something I had to have, I hunted around and found SureStyle.co.nz  had everything at great prices, especially when buying in bulk. Having great coat hangers like these are a once in a lifetime purchase so I saw it as an investment that my future self would be greatful of 🙂





The makeup table itself (bought off Trademe) came with a much smaller table top so the team at CabJaks custom made a much longer panel that fit nicely under the window.



I’m looking for a cute little glass top display table to pop in the middle.. for now, I’ve just used two bedside tables backed against each other.

I hope this has been a bit helpful, I’m absolutely over the moon with how it came out. Please feel free to ask questions 🙂

Amber x


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