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DIY Mission: Dream Wardrobe Take 2

written by Amber August 17, 2018
As I mentioned above, I have a habit of stretching out into a full sized room for my wardrobe. I’m not entirely how I managed to convince my darling husband that this is standard practice, so PLEASE don’t tell him otherwise.
One thing is new though, introducing the Lazy Lee Shoe Spinner,
I mean, can we talk about this!!! It makes my life on a daily basis, I have it packed with heels, slides, sneakers and boots but the sides are actually perfect for display handbags bags too. I’m seriously in love

Shot by Luke Foley-Martin

Lazy Lee is NZ owned and operated and ships nationwide which blew me away when I first found them. They have a couple of different sizes, colourways and even small rotating wardrobes if you’re not an obsessive shoe freak like myself (although, if you are reading this blog, I’m guessing you are, hello and welcome)
The unit fits 200 shoes and makes incredible use of a tight space or a corner, and it’s also proven to be quite the talking piece with family and friends demanding a look at it.
The quality is fabulous and they were really easy to deal with, it’s my little slice of high heel heaven.
Check them out here  lazylee.co.nz/shop/
We moved into our new place a few months back and although there are still small renovations going on, it is on most part finished. The wardrobe is no exception, it’s I’d say it’s 90% there. I’m still keen to instal some makeup lighting and a full-length mirror but I have the most important bits!
We used Cab Jaks again for the Wardrobe, you may remember from my last DIY Wardrobe (link to blog here).
It’s pretty straightforward, using their website, you can easily make to measure your custom wardrobe for a fraction of the price of what it used to be.
They came in handy for my makeup desk as well, I bought it three or four years back so it was starting to look a bit shabby, splattered with smudges and makeup marks so we simply unscrewed the top and replaced it with a custom piece from Cabjacks. Just like new.
The glass display case was a trademe find from a Lotto store in Devonport. I had been hunting for something to help keep the dust off my sunglasses and jewellery for a few months. Good ol’Trademe aye!
I definitely think matching coat hangers make a huge difference to the look and feel, it’s a bit of an investment but if you are a visual person, I don’t think you would ever regret it. You’ll have them for life. I hunted around for mine but the bulk of them were from surestyles.co.nz . Also while you are there, I would suggest grabbing some foam wraps, they slide on to the coat hanger arms and keep silking things from sliding as well as protect knits from falling out of shape or getting the ‘coat hanger dents’.
Excuse the mess, makes for a good before and after though!
Brooke and I managed to get it all up and running in one weekend, so the answer is yes. You can do this!

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