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Turn of the Century Sweden Stunner

written by Amber November 16, 2017

Images from Bolaget  

This refurbed turn of the century sweden stunner had me screenshotting my heart out. There’s no doubt I have a fascination with restored and refurbished buildings, we have done a couple in the past. If you watch my IG stories you’ll know I’m in the middle of a small one in Waiheke but we are about to take on another! Ha, suckers for punishment I guess. But on the bright side it means I can paruse the interweb for amazing photos of  houses I can’t afford.

This has the most amazing balance of quirk and classic. The detailed ceilings show off the old world charm of the building while the herringbone flooring and modern marble contrast nicely. There are a lot of mixed matched pieces in here but with the room being mostly neutral tones, it’s the perfect back drop to play with.

Pulling together the black wrought iron light fitting, coffee table, dinning and the back hall way table also adds another symmetry for the eye, so you can afford to branch out with a few great ‘random’ pieces. Some really subtle design tips on how everything can ‘go’ without being too matchy matchy.

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