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The Future of Fashion: MiroModa at NZFW

written by Amber September 1, 2017

The NZ Post Miromoda Showcase

The future of fashion lies in the hands of our aspiring designers, so it’s incredibly important we have a strong support system in place. Miromoda has been exactly that since 2008, an organisation that provides a platform for Maori fashion designers to develop and grow.

The comp is held earlier in the year in Wellington and the winners show at NZFW!!!

Great runway shows are expensive to put on but incredibly effective, so the opportunity is massive. This is where it’s vital to have a fabulous corporate sponsor, so I give New Zealand Post, one of NZ’s oldest companies, major kudos for putting the spotlight on some of our home grown talent. Big deals are done across the 7 days so trusting that your goods and garments are going to be on time every time is a heavy weight lifted.

With Nine collections in the showcase, I thought I’d show you three of my favs!

Jacob Tamehana Coutie – Emerging Designer winner


The monochrome range reflected a masculine and feminine contrast with the best feature feather earrings I ever did see. Rugged paint splatted vest and pants paired with floaty white cotton and silk had everyone in the room captured

NICHOLA, Nichola Te Kiri – Runner Up


I thought this was a great addition to the show, with a focus on bespoke costume jewellery I really appreciated the unique ethereal detail that came through. Inspired by Maori New Year, in particular the nine stars, six female and three male, each with a distinctive role in the universe. Beautiful

TE KOHU, Misty Ratima -Supreme Winner 2017

Right on my aesthetic. Misty sent beautiful coats down the runway with stunning oversized prints which I could see making waves in street style around the world, simply stunning. With skivvy necks pulled just under or over the lips, drop crotch jumpsuits and high waisted pants the collection spoke both on a commercial and cultural level. I was utterly impressed and after the show was lucky enough to wear a few of my favourite pieces


This is the second year NZ Post has sponsored Miramoda, be sure to check out their page for clips on the #NZFW journey !

Amber xx

Photography by Robyn Wilson