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Christmas Gift Guide With A Twist

written by Amber December 15, 2017

Christmas is coming in HOT people! 

Don’t panic (breaths into paper bag) this blog may well help you wrap up your Christmas shopping with a big beautiful biodegradable bow. Think of it as a gift guide with a twist, which also may see you getting some great airpoints at the end of it. Bonus!
Gift giving is a beautiful thing, however, at this time of year, it can just all get a bit much. So instead of buying something perfect for the receiver’s personality/lifestyle you opt purely for that feel-good moment when they rip open the wrapping paper and shoot you a big smile. Knowing full well that present will only see the light of day for the next week. I’m so guilty of this. With more and more surplus plastic circling the globe and our precious oceans, I can’t help but spare a thought for the future and do my bit to make some changes.

They do say the best things in life are free, but seriously, if I handed out hugs and kisses to my nieces and nephews for Christmas, they may well riot!  So I’m attempting to avoid buying the usual plastic one hit wonder toys and rethink gift-giving into a more conscious Christmas that includes spending more Q time together. Who’s with me!?

Invest in Q Time

Give the gift of a day out. I often struggle to come up with fresh ideas for my nieces but I know spending some quality time is always a winner. American Express are about to kick off their Open Air Cinema  which my handy Amex airpoints platinum card gets 15% off and pre-sale access with a complimentary blankey to snuggle into. Thank you! I suggest making a couple of ‘Admit One’ mock-up movie tickets & all you can eat ice-cream! 🙂

Make It Up

My mate Rachel makes pickle and jam for her whole family with her sister. They usually do it while having a few wines and catching up too, win-win !

So dig out your favourite recipe and pop into the supermarket to grab those yummy ingredients, a few glass jars and spend the afternoon knowing you are giving something they will love.

A Wealth of Health

Massage, umm yes please. For the last 6 months I’ve been getting a fortnightly sports massage. Honestly, this has to be one of the biggest favours you can do for your body. Whether you wear heels to work, you sit in the car or at a desk all day. Your body responds so well to a good regular ironing out, and it helps prevent injury.

Make A Meal Out Of It

 A lovely night out at a restaurant is always a treat, whether it’s just as a gift or a chance for everyone to head out together (depends on how generous you are feeling). Encouraging experiences and family time is food for the soul.. and stomach in this case

Let Them Choose

How about a concession card for an activity of their choice. That way they are free to try out something on their terms whether it be pilates, yoga, dancing or boxing. It’s a great way to encourage activity.

Along the same lines as above another option is to offer a few lessons in anything they are curious to try and learn. Another language, an instrument or art. Keep the options wide open, so their imagination and curiosity can run wild.

Think outside the square

Buy a small amount of bitcoin or cryptocurrency. We did this for our nephew; he downloaded the app and now gets the biggest kick from watching the worth go up and down. Agree on a percentage that will go to a charity of their choice for next Christmas. It gives you something to interact about throughout the year, i.e. how the bitcoin is tracking and teaching them about the different charities they may feel passionate about.

This will make them feel invested when it comes to donating to a worthy cause next year.

And for you? Airpoints!

Whether you are shopping at New World for pickle ingredients or the huge Christmas Day spread. Filling up at the petrol station when visiting family or preparing for your ‘day out of fun’ or even supporting a local restaurant. If you simply swipe that through on your American Express Airpoints Platinum Card, you could end up with a very nice trip somewhere come Boxing Day. This is the fastest earning airports card out there by a long way, earning me 1 Airpoint Dollar for every $59 I spend.  So by simply switching over and swiping you could sweep yourself away for an experience of your very own!

I highly suggest jumping on board so you can start enjoying those rewards.

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 Amber x