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The Golden Super Star of Facials

written by Amber November 17, 2017

I started my skin journey at the beginning of this year while trying to get on top of some pretty annoying adult acne. That was the downside, but the upside meant that I’d given my skin so much more attention and I’m now seeing some pretty exciting results. Janine from Laser Skin Technologies, someone I’ve trusted with my skin for the last five years devised a plan that addressed both underlying pimple-causing bacteria, pigmentation and any early signs of aging. 

We went through a combination of treatments, one of the standouts was the PRP DermaStamp combo, which I’ve now done three times. This is a truly incredible treatment involving one golden superstar, your very own plasma!  Platelet-rich Plasma stimulates collagen growth earning it’s nickname “Liquid Gold” within the beauty industry.

You may remember Kim K getting this treatment, also known as ‘The Vampire Facial,’ on the Kardashians. It’s a hardcore facial with hardcore results, and it’s ALL NATURAL!

I’ve been so blown away by this treatment, it rewinds the ‘age clock’ for your skin, and with both Janine and Sarah being trained nurses you are in the best hands possible.

For a more info, or book in a time for a chat head to  http://www.skintechnologies.co.nz/

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